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Meet A New Friend – Part 3 (See you soon)

It’s time for Kento to leave here. They become a good friend. ルークとケントはここ数日でいい友達になれたけど、 もう離ればなれ。

Playing in the water.

He played in the water. Kento didn’t get hyper. ルークは相変わらずハイパーになってるが、ケントは至って普通。

He’s changed!

Luke is playing in water and enjoying the moment. He’s got crazy and gone wild. ルークにまるで何かが憑依したように水遊び。 決定的瞬間をキャッチ!

Meet A New Friend – Part 2

Luke and Kento got used to each other after a few hours. Now, Kento is a great Reggae dancer. The ranking has been determined.

Meet A New Friend – Part 1

Luke meets a new friend, Kento. They were too shy. 黒パグのケントが遊びにきた。 お互い恥ずかしがり屋なので微妙な関係。

It’s a small world

It’s a 6 gallons small world. There are a nimo, fire goby, coral, anemone and more species in the world. 6ガロンのスモールワールド。 珊瑚、イソギンチャク、ニモ、ハタタテハゼ(隠れて見えず)、ヤドカリ等が暮らしてる。

Mil Máscaras and Luke

Luke is checking outside. Mil Mascaras is checking inside…

Take a nap

Luke is taking a nap after came back from puppy socializing class. パピークラスから帰って来て疲れがたまったのか眠そうなルーク。