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Where’s Waldo?

Luke swallowed a sock a few weeks ago. (I went to see a doctor next day) I was not sure whether he actually ate it or hid it because I didn’t see him swallowing it. But, obviously the sock was … Continue reading

Another Beach Day

Luke plays with a new friend. He is so hyper, never ever tired, and his tail never stops moving. Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Luke wants to eat flowers

Luke loves flowers, especially eating them. That’s why he often has soft poops… He gets really frustrated when flowers are too high to reach. 花を愛でるより食べるのが好きなルーク。 そんなわけでゲリ気味。 でも最近胃腸が強くなったようでそれも大分改善模様。

Founder’s Park

Founder’s Park is an off-leash dog beach park located at Rancho Palos Verdes. It looks like a secret spot, and it is very clean. Even you can enjoy without dogs. One of the best dog beach parks around the Los … Continue reading

Baby Teeth

Luke is 5 months old now, and his baby teeth fell off. He is chewing bones and breeding. I don’t think he cares about his teeth… ルークも5ヶ月になりここ数日乳歯がぼろぼろ抜けてきた。 骨を噛んでいる途中に歯が抜けるらしく、 喧嘩で歯が欠けたかの如く突然「プッ」と歯をだしてくる。 血だらけになりながらも骨は離さず噛み続ける。 というわけで最近ルークが近寄ると口が血なまぐさい。

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