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Luke is shivering after drinking water. 庭でホースから直接水を飲むのがルークの日課。 体は濡れていないのになぜだかぶるぶるするルーク。

Meet A New Friend – Part 3 (See you soon)

It’s time for Kento to leave here. They become a good friend. ルークとケントはここ数日でいい友達になれたけど、 もう離ればなれ。

Meet A New Friend – Part 2

Luke and Kento got used to each other after a few hours. Now, Kento is a great Reggae dancer. The ranking has been determined.

Playing with a strange toy

Luke is playing with a toy that moves and barks. He is very curious but a bit scared. 未知との遭遇

Playing Alone

He is playing with a ball on and on and on… ボールと一緒に遊ぶジャーマンショートヘードポインター。 朝起きてトイレ、ご飯を食べて、遊ぶ、寝る、 トイレ、遊ぶ、寝る、トイレ、、、(くりかえし)

German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy

A 7 week-old German Shorthaired Pointer puppy is running around.