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Ready to work in the Rain

Luke is 14 month old now. He is ready to work in the rain in this raining season.

A Big Cat!

We saw a big cat at GotPetFood Store during the Halloween week. Luke wanted to play with the cat, but I was sure that he would damage it. I didn’t want to get in trouble, so I took Luke away … Continue reading

He can wait until we say OK.

Luke can wait until we say ok. And good thing is, he eats gently.

Back to Water

Luke plays with two Golden Retrievers at Rancho Palos Verdes beach. I wish I could surf at here, then Luke and I can have good time together. Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Elizabethan Collar

Luke had a neutering surgery when he became 8 month old. After the surgery, he got an elizabethan collar to protect the stitches. He didn’t like it first, so I bought a PRO Collar for him. But, it didn’t work … Continue reading

Time Goes First

Can’t believe Luke is such a big boy now. 8 month ago, he was so small.

Nike US Open of Surfing

Nike US Open of Surfing was held at Huntington Beach in the 1st week of August. The beach was so crowded that it was tough to go the south side of the pier. I wanted to see Joel Tudor, Tyler … Continue reading

65 lbs puppy?

Luke is 65 lbs now. He thinks he is a small puppy, but he’s not! He was neutered a few weeks ago and doing well after that. Just a hyper boy.

Trip to Sedona, AZ part. 4

We had a Jeep Tour with Luke and Kento. The company called Earth Wisdom Jeep Tour, and this is the only company that accepts dogs. The guide explained about history and geography of Sedona. We also did off-roading and got … Continue reading

Trip to Sedona, AZ part. 3

There was a squall during our launch. The temperature suddenly dropped from 100 degree to 70 degree. We decided to go Boynton Canyon and hike with Luke and Kento. The canyon is one of the strongest power spot. Luke and … Continue reading