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He can wait until we say OK.

Luke can wait until we say ok. And good thing is, he eats gently.

Back to Water

Luke plays with two Golden Retrievers at Rancho Palos Verdes beach. I wish I could surf at here, then Luke and I can have good time together. Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Elizabethan Collar

Luke had a neutering surgery when he became 8 month old. After the surgery, he got an elizabethan collar to protect the stitches. He didn’t like it first, so I bought a PRO Collar for him. But, it didn’t work … Continue reading

65 lbs puppy?

Luke is 65 lbs now. He thinks he is a small puppy, but he’s not! He was neutered a few weeks ago and doing well after that. Just a hyper boy.

Trip to Sedona, AZ part. 3

There was a squall during our launch. The temperature suddenly dropped from 100 degree to 70 degree. We decided to go Boynton Canyon and hike with Luke and Kento. The canyon is one of the strongest power spot. Luke and … Continue reading

Baby Teeth

Luke is 5 months old now, and his baby teeth fell off. He is chewing bones and breeding. I don’t think he cares about his teeth… ルークも5ヶ月になりここ数日乳歯がぼろぼろ抜けてきた。 骨を噛んでいる途中に歯が抜けるらしく、 喧嘩で歯が欠けたかの如く突然「プッ」と歯をだしてくる。 血だらけになりながらも骨は離さず噛み続ける。 というわけで最近ルークが近寄ると口が血なまぐさい。

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Mil Máscaras VS Luke

Luke fights Mil Mascaras. I don’t know which guy won…


Luke is shivering after drinking water. 庭でホースから直接水を飲むのがルークの日課。 体は濡れていないのになぜだかぶるぶるするルーク。

Coffee Break

Take a break. ちょっと一休み

Playing in the water.

He played in the water. Kento didn’t get hyper. ルークは相変わらずハイパーになってるが、ケントは至って普通。